Primary 7 AbSafe Visit

Last week, Primary 7 had the opportunity to visit AbSafe to extend their Health and Wellbeing knowledge about personal safety.

Our trip involved us visiting different workshops focussing on various aspects of safety such as road and rail, fire, internet and keeping safe in the community. 

There was also a focus on bullying, anti-social behaviour and solvent abuse.

The visit was fun because the activities were interactive, relevant and interesting. After the trip we made safety posters at school about what we learned.

Here are some of our thoughts about what we learned during our

trip to AbSafe:
” I learned how to put someone into the recovery position!”- Matthew C

“I learned that you should never use water to put out a chip-pan fire”- Owen

“Crossing between parked cars is silly and dangerous”- Grace

“Never ever go onto a railway line unless you are using a level crossing”- Caitlin

“Don’t overload electrical sockets”- Deja

“Store cleaning chemicals away from the reach of children”- Paige

“Don’t set cards on top of the fireplace”- Ethan


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