23//3/20 Games of the Day

Looking for something fun to do at home?

The staff at Bramble Brae will be posting some fun “games and activities of the day” while school is off to help you stay active and find things to do when we’re all at home. We would love to see your pictures and hear from you about what you’re up to and please share any fun games you can think of as well!

The first game we would like to share is indoor bowling. This is great fun for all the family. All you need is some empty plastic bottles or cans, a ball, and a little bit of space (a hallway is a great place for this.) Set up your bottle pins in a triangle shape with the point facing you and decide who goes first. If the bottles are knocked over too easily fill them with a little bit of water but just remember to put the lid back on tight. You can make it fair for the whole family by changing how close you can stand to the pins to bowl. How many can you knock over in one go?

The second game which is sure to be a hit with the kids is sock basketball. Make a few “basketballs” out of pairs of socks, get a laundry basket (or even make a basketball hoop with your arms) aim and shoot! You can take turns shooting and even add a challenge of a further away shot worth more points!

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