24/3/20 Games of the Day

Treasure Hunt
This can be set up with very little materials, just things from around the house. It can either be done in the style of an Easter egg hunt but with coins, little chocolates or sweets, or even notes that the children can read. Get the children to wait in another room while you hide the “treasure” and then allow them a set amount of time to find as much of the hidden treasure as possible. They could then count the coins they find to calculate the total. If you want to add an extra challenge, hide each piece of treasure with a clue on a piece of paper to help the children find the next one. Clues could include:
– Find me where your four legged friend sleeps.
– My job is to put an end to sleep,which I do with music, a buzz, or a beep.
– I can take you to places you’ve never seen, but first type your password in on my screen.
For more clue ideas check out this handy website.

Imaginary Cooking
Another great one for younger children this will stimulate their imagination and creativity and can be kept going for ages! You can use toy kitchen equipment for this game or just some utensils such as wooden spoons and light pots from the kitchen. Cans and bags of food are great for stimulating children as well and this can be a great place for things like cereal boxes that you would have recycled. Give your kids the equipment and see what they do with it. You could place orders in their cafe, you could help through making suggestions of things they could cook, ask them what their cafe looks like, what’s it called? Or are they cooking in a kitchen at home for their family?

Dance Party
This is a great way to keep fit without even realising it. All you need is some space to dance and some of your family’s favourite tunes. You can freestyle it or use Just Dance on YouTube for choreographed inspiration. The link for hours of entertainment is below.


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