Snake Breathing

Get ready to hiss like a snake because it feels so good to let it all out. What kind of snake are you going to be? Here’s how to do snake breathing:

  1. Sit either criss cross or on your knees, with your palms on your knees.  
  2. Place one hand on your tummy so that you can feel your lungs and your diaphragm as we breathe.  
  3. Next, begin the inhale, slowly breathing in and filling the lungs from the bottom up.
  4. Hold for 3-5 seconds.
  5. Slowly hiss out the breath and see how long you can hiss for.
  6. Repeat as many times as you like.
  7. You can follow this with a yoga snake pose – 

Try Something Cool

If you want a further challenge you can make your own pet snake with whatever you have at home. Be as creative as you like. You might even want to create a virtual one: if you type ‘snake reptile’ into Google on your phone, then click ‘view in 3D’ you get to see the snake in your house with you! You can also try this for other animals.

Remember you can always upload videos or photos of your snake breathing and snakes poses to your google classroom. Happy hissing! 

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