Happy Thoughts Week 2

I have been brave and have tried something new for today (I hope it works)! For sharing today’s happy thoughts I thought it might be nice to use Jamboard, somewhere where we can all write a sticky note with our happy thoughts!





To share your happy thoughts you need to:


  1. Visit https://jamboard.google.com/d/1kqSPfTPkvZylwye4MzMTSss8pdr3gm14uAZnYPMv _rw/viewer where you will be able to see our whole school jamboard.
  2. Click on the sticky note, on the left hand side and type your happy thought/s. There is also the option to add photos if you want to share any happy moments with us – remember to add your name and class.
  3. Read all the other sticky notes that everyone else has left.
  4. Get ‘jamming’ and smile 😀!

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