As yet, I’ve constantly got a five-star score!

As yet, I’ve constantly got a five-star score!

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Chizuru Ichinose ( ? ?? ? ? ? ???, Ichinose Chizuru ? ), instead called Chizuru Mizuhara ( ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? , Mizuhara Chizuru ? ) inside her “rental partner” image, ‘s the head girls protagonist of one’s Kanojo, Okarishimasu show. She actually is a college student on Nerima College or university that is majoring in Literary works and you may she already resides in Room 204 off Regal Hills Nerima, just next to Kazuya Kinoshita.


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Chizuru has hips-duration chestnut-brownish hair which is particularly fastened which have bangs clinging with the just the right front side and you can white brownish eyes.

Whenever posing as a diligent scholar, she wears servings, a beneficial butterfly connection and you may she sporting events twice braided locks. It is after indicated that she has sight difficulties and she spends a couple of contacts whenever she is perhaps not going out with her loved ones.

The woman demonstration try portrayed as actually an excellent madonnna; having a beauty that one may only actually dream of which have; light outfits, make-up, and you can accessories.


Initially, Chizuru easily comes across as the extremely kind and you can careful, and this surely surprises anybody who considers renting, and means they are give high ratings so you can this lady. Although not, she can end up being a little irritable, evident and brash, and also an excellent calculative move, since the seen whenever she dislikes when their critiques go-down. She reveals that it side of this lady to those she detests or must tolerate, including Kazuya, exactly who offers the woman a reduced score when he finds out one to she food the girl people with similar generosity she had shown with the your.

Having said that, except that which, Chizuru is actually a really kind-hearted person. This can be found whenever she sees people in you need or whenever Kazuya means the girl let. This lady legitimate generosity is additionally seen when she will get loved ones that have Sumi, and you will she assists the woman are top at her work.

She becomes resentful whenever Kazuya raises her to help you their grandma. Chizuru told Kazuya quickly to share with his granny that they broke right up, however, she would blush and also have embarrassed when she hears Kazuya speaking regarding the the woman with his grandmother.

Centered on Chizuru’s grandma, Sayuri Ichinose, she was previously a great ‘clingy crybaby’, something she has beat historically. However, there’s a chance you to definitely she simply hides they along with her primary facade up to others.

During the this lady elizabeth some rebellious, and frequently battled with men. Although not, her grandfather led the woman to trust in her own fantasies and start to become someone who facilitate somebody. Which led to Chizuru significantly concentrating on to be a celebrity when she receive Sayuri’s old Dvd.

When Sayuri try seemingly alongside her avoid, Chizuru shows a lot more of the woman poor top, and she refuses to take on a good ‘sad truth’ once Kazuya had chose to give up on keeping the fresh new lie when he believed responsible to keep sleeping to a dying individual. The fresh new trauma of your own sad truth is regarding just how sad she are during their soul to help you chase on her dream and you can wishing the girl grandfather observe this lady prior to their dying about crash.


  • The name Chizuru mode “thousand” (?, chu? ) and you may “crane” (?, tsuru/zuru? ).
  • An old Japanese legend states that when somebody folded a lot of origami cranes, they are supplied a want to by the gods, such recovery regarding a sickness, that is probably a mention of the Sayuri Ichinose’s infection.

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