Head Teacher Welcome

At Bramble Brae Primary School, we set out to provide the best possible, modern education for all the youngsters in our care, from nursery right through to primary seven. Put simply, it is our job to ensure that Bramble Brae pupils realise their potential in every way that they possibly can. We would also wish to support on a day-to-day basis those local families associated with the school and we also aim to reach out into the wider community and involve it too in the work of the school wherever this proves possible.

All of the above can only be achieved where pupils, parents, school staff and those folks who live in the Cummings Park area of Aberdeen city work together to make the best things happen for our community.

This Bramble Brae website has been set-up by school staff, pupils and parents in order to keep you right up to date regarding the work of the school. If you have any further questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Miss A. Murray


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