School Uniform

Almost all of our families are agreed that children are at their smartest in uniform, and have committed to supporting the work of the school in this direction.  Over the past few years we have introduced a fleece lined, rainproof jacket in a choice of red or navy also bearing the school badge.  Please note that “trackie bottoms” and hooded tops of any sort are not considered to be items of school uniform at Bramble Brae regardless of their colour.  These items of clothing should be retained for leisure wear purposes out of school hours and only worn to school if there is a genuine “clothing emergency” at home.  It is also particularly helpful if clothes purchased for our younger pupils can be “put on and taken off” by pupils themselves.  We will, of course, be quick to assist if youngsters are having difficulty.

Our uniform is:

  • dark coloured trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • red school sweatshirt,
  • white polo shirt
  • black shoes

The items of uniform described above are available from all the major superstores at competitive prices.  Our attractive school sweatshirts (£10), cardigans (£12) and jackets (£19) can be ordered from the school on an annual basis in June.  We do try to keep a small supply in all sizes over the course of the year but cannot guarantee that we will always have the size you need.

A clothing grant for school items may be available to families who meet certain qualifying criteria.  Application forms and advice around qualification are available from our school office.  Clothing Grant application forms are usually available from the office from the month of May onwards.

Please mark all items of clothing and footwear as clearly as you can with your child’s name. Unmarked items can all too easily create big problems in a busy school situation.  This is particularly the case where school uniform items such as sweatshirts, fleece jackets, grey trousers, popular designs of winter jackets, etc. can all appear identical if unnamed.

It is expected that all children will have a change of clothing for our very regular PE sessions.  (For all children, around 2 hours each week is spent in the school gym or outside grassed areas in fine weather).  The only kit required for regular PE sessions is shorts, change of T-shirt (no football tops) and gym shoes.  It is really helpful if family members can check gym shoes regularly for “wear and tear;” it is amazing how quickly some youngsters can pick at new gym shoes until they are “away to nothing” if left unchecked.  If pupils are consistently forgetting to bring their PE kit to school, the family will be contacted in order to discuss how this situation might be improved.  It is important also that pupils can remove for themselves any items of personal jewellery which may present a risk to their personal safety or the safety of others during PE sessions.

Finally, “school uniform” at Bramble Brae should always include a change of footwear for all pupils’ indoor use only.  This is essential especially when the weather is poor and there is a danger of mud being dragged all through teaching and other carpeted areas.


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