Young Leaders of Learning

Our Young Leaders of Learning are:

  • Yvie
  • Aimee
  • Rhylan 
  • Christopher 
  • Tia 
  • Theresa
  • Connor

Our partner school is Ferryhill.


We are one of several schools in Aberdeen to have been invited by Education Scotland to try out a new way of including children and young people in school improvement.  Being a Young Leader of Learning will support children in:

  • contributing in a real and meaningful way to school improvement in our own school and our partner school using HIGIOURS
  • meeting new people
  • developing communication and observation skills, empathy and respect 

The Young Leaders of Learning will have responsibility for:

  • Visiting our partner school and providing meaningful feedback around the HGIOURS Theme ‘Our Learning and Teaching’
  • Hosting a visit from our partner school and sharing the work and ethos of Bramble Brae with them