Risk Assessments and Returning to School

During lockdown information and updates will be added below, in addition to being shared in the usual way via email and groupcall.

12/1/21 – Bramble Brae Risk Assessment – Level 4 Website

13/8/20 – BB-School-Return-Plan.pdf (159 downloads)

12/8/20 – BrambleBraeRA-InspectionCD.pdf (130 downloads)   (This risk assessment is dynamic and will be reviewed on a daily basis.)

30/6/20 – Bramble Brae Contingency Plan

12/6/20 – Aberdeen City Council have shared the Local Delivery Phasing Plan outlining the plan for moving forward towards return to school.

The full version can be accessed here – Local-Phased-Delivery-Plan.pdf (131 downloads)

There is also an online version which can be accessed here – Local Phased Delivery Plan